Yoga Classes

  • Weekly Classes Suffolk Park imageWeekly Yoga Classes

    All classes are a flowing therapeutic vinyasa/hatha blend. Whatever your level, you will find that Flo has the ability to accommodate you by always including a variety of options for each posture or practice. Flo's focus is on building strength through correct technique, thus enhancing the benefits of the practice and also avoiding injury.

  •  imagePrivate Yoga Classes

    You are unique! Let us design a practice tailored to your own needs, one on one, or in a small group. Private Yoga in Suffolk Park or at your place.

  •  imageYoga Therapy

    Flo is a qualified yoga therapist, registered with the Australian association of Yoga Therapists. Yoga Therapy works with prana, the healing force in the body, directing it to where it is most needed. Yoga Therapy works at a deep level, stimulating relaxation, and raising the healing potential of the system. Breath and gentle movement are often used, as well as visualisation, meditation, and chanting techniques.